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Classes in this field should look familiar and include biology, ecology, chemistry, and physics. These science classes also can incorporate technology, engineering, and math into these scientific studies.


Similar to science, mathematics is a category with classes that will sound familiar, such as algebra, geometry, and calculus.STEM math incorporates concepts and exercises that apply science, technology, and engineering to mathematics.


These classes may include topics like digital modeling and prototyping, 3D printing, mobile technology, computer programming, data analytics, Internet of Things, machine learning, and game development.


Students need to create and design objects that are functional, look good and work in an innovative, elegant way. Adding some scientific resources to incorporate in art classes will make learning while creating a natural combination for young artists.


Engineering classes might include topics like civil engineering, electronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and robotics.


Every engineer who comes up with a new innovation practices far more than STEM. They also use design-thinking, creativity, and communication to bring those innovations to fruition. Today’s trailblazers are communicators who design, craft, and experiment all in one.

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